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Cannot recommend Ben more highly. He has listened to me, worked around my health problems and it has resulted in me losing over 19 inches in body measurement, and also made me a happier more confident person through his one-to-one personal training sessions.




When I Googled looking for a personal trainer near me, I couldn't have dreamt of better weight loss results. Ben's taken me from having no idea of how to exercise or eat well, from 18 stone to 12 stone. The lifestyle I've adopted with Ben's help is now habitual. 

I eat well, think well and move well. 


Absolutely loving having PT sessions with Ben. He makes every session enjoyable and because he’s so encouraging you want to push yourself to do the best you can, so you feel awesome afterwards with what you’ve achieved. I can highly recommend him!


I always come away from a training session with Ben feeling feeling motivated and good about myself. He understands what I am able to achieve and encourages me all the way. Best of all he is a friendly easy to get along with man and we have a laugh whilst working out.

Carol Carter, East Midlands

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