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Celebrity Weight loss : Rebel Wilson

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The actress Rebel Wilson has spent the last year transforming her health and body.

The 40-year-old star of Pitch Perfect has shed over 40lbs on her Rebel Wilson 2020 'year of health'.

Having read lots of the articles about her amazing transformation, here's how she did it.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and emotional eating

PCOS triggers issues with hormonal imbalances and your metabolism, and Rebel says that her condition combined with 'comfort and emotional eating' meant she added 25kg throughout her college years.

Rebel explains: 'I'd eat with any emotion. If I was stressed or had exams coming up.

'But then I'd also eat if I was really happy, like I went out on an awesome night and had a great time.

'Other people would just go home and go to bed but I'll be like "what am I going to do? I'll just eat these chips and then go to bed".'

Many of my personal training clients can relate to this.

Emotional eating is very common and finding comfort in food can lead to a cycle of excess eating and associated issues, like weight gain.

Interestingly, her lifestyle overhaul has received some negative comments.

She explains: 'People go "you're not the same, you're not funny anymore", and I'm like, "screw you guys".

It really just goes to show, people will have something to say about you, no matter what.

You have to learn to let it go, and remind yourself that when a person goes around making any negative comments like that, most of the time, it's really about their own problems and insecurities, and not about you.

Rebel learnt that calorific meals were not 'treats'.

'What I realise is that, it wasn't treating myself eating 2,000 calories for dessert, that's not treating myself, that is putting toxins in my body that I don't need. Is it momentary comfort? Yes. But the next hour it's fat and it's not healthy for you.'

Calories count when you set out to lose weight.

One review found that weight loss programs that include calorie counting led to average 7lbs more weight loss than those diets that didn't include it.

Goal setting