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The best diet for weight loss

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Five minutes online and you'll find every conceivable diet.

I've just searched Google for 'best diet for weight loss' and there's 'about' 1,610,000,000.


Jesus, I'm not even sure what that number is.

We've got;

Intermittent fasting


Plant-based diets

Low-carb diets

The Paleo diet

Low-fat diets

The Mediterranean diet


The DASH diet

And then it goes a little more obscure;

Metabolism booster

Weight loss drinks

Weight loss supplements

Skinny Jabs



The Cinderalla solution

It goes on and on and on...

If you need help losing weight and want to know where to start...

The question is: Where the hell do you start?

With so many dieting options out there, it's no wonder that the success rate for dieters is abysmal.

Amazingly, one study shows that over 80% of diets regain lost weight within five years and other has that figure at 97% within three years.

I remember years ago experimenting with several diets and fads.

Starting each with enthusiasm and motivation before crashing to a halt when the restrictions on my lifestyle became too much.

Over time I learnt the truth about weight loss and fat loss so that now when I need to lose a few pounds, I can do it without altering my lifestyle and still enjoying the things I love.

To do so it's worth going back to start and reminding ourselves just how each these diets help us to lose weight.