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Does an exercise bike tone your bum?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Cycling will give you a more shapely bum due to its muscle and strength-building benefits.

Riding a bike works your legs and glutes, especially when you crank up the resistance or hit the hills.

However, you are unlikely to build a Kim Kardashian style bum with cycling alone because it does not provide enough resistance to build big muscles, for that you will need to include weight training into your programme (and pray to the genetics gods).

Cycling will also help you to burn calories and if that is part of a calorie deficit, you will burn body fat which can also improve the shape and size of your bum.

As well as the visual benefits, you should also

consider the many health benefits of a strong bum, such as less hip, knee and ankle pain.

The muscles involved in cycling

Pedalling a bike uses these muscles:

  • Gluteus Maximus: This is the large muscle of your bum.

  • Gluteus Minimus: This is a small muscle of your bum.

  • Gluteus Medius: This is a small muscle of your bum.

  • Hip flexors: Muscles on your hip.

  • Quadriceps muscle: This is the muscle of your upper front thigh.

  • Hamstrings muscle: It is the rear upper thigh muscle.

  • Calf muscles: Rear muscle below the knee.

  • Plantar flexors: This is the foot muscle.

For a strong, firm bum, your Glutes need to work and be strengthened over time.

And as you can see, all the muscles in your bum are involved in the pedalling motion.

But just spinning the pedals on the easiest resistance isn't going to do a huge amount in your quest for a tight bum.

The goal is to get stronger and overload the muscles of your lower body by following the SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demand) principle.

In other words, place your body under some form of stress and it will start to make adaptations that will allow it to get better.

Increase the resistance

More resistance is key to building more muscle in your bum or any other part of your body.

Exercise bikes come with different resistance levels or if you're outdoors, head for the hills.

The stronger you get, the more likely you'll see a change in the appearance of your legs and bum.

This is due to the increase in muscle mass and reduction in body fat (if you're in a calorie deficit).

Like anything worth having, a tight bum is not going to happen overnight.

Find a training programme, stick to it and over time you're body will thank you for it.

To sum up

Cycling can be a great way to make your bum look great by strengthening and helping to reduce your overall body fat.

Don't forget that cycling has many cardiovascular benefits whilst boosting your muscle and joint strength.

If building your bum is your primary goal, track your progress and improvements over time by taking photos and measurements.

Always talk to your doctor before starting an exercise programme.

Ben Yates is a personal trainer based at Places Gym Hinckley and Hinckley Leisure Centre in Leicestershire.

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