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4 Secrets To Success In Anything

After working with hundreds of clients over almost 10 years, I can tell you four things clients want (1) more confidence, (2) clarity about the future, (3) certainty of results and (4) to feel comfortable in the process.

These 4 things can make or break someone getting started.

However, I have to be clear with you from the go ...

Tip #1 - Confidence is overrated

Everybody wants confidence before they begin something new.

However, confidence is the consequence of taking action when you feel afraid.

You build confidence by doing something regularly; confidence isn't a requirement to getting started.

I was afraid of the responses the first 3-4 times I sent an email to 2000+ people.

No one likes seeing tumbleweeds when they send things out.

However, fast forward to my 70th email (not age), and I no longer care because I've built my confidence by turning up every day. I know I've done my job if an email helps even one person.

"“Confidence is overrated. It’s when we’re uncomfortable and looking for answers that we learn and grow the most.”." – Barbara Corcoran

Tip #2 - Clarity is overrated

Everybody wants to be clear on what they are working towards, but clarity is what you get when you look to the past.

You get clarity from starting, struggling and even failing along the way.

But, like confidence, clarity is a result, not a requirement.

Things become clear when you start; try stuff and learn from them.

Over time, some of it works out, and some don't.

The problem is that people only see on social media what works out, so they assume that they should always know what they're doing.

Tip #3 - Certain results

Big shiny goals are great, but they can be so BIG that you can't be certain you'll achieve them.

You don't need huge goals; you need smaller process goals and more action.

The only certainty you have in life is your ability to do something or not.

You can't be certain that you'll hit your big goal weight in 12 months, but you can be certain that you can get your steps in today.

Focus on today's goals. The rest will take care of itself.

Tip #4 - Comfort is overrated

Everything you want in life is directly proportional to the amount of discomfort you are willing to feel.

To get healthier and fitter, your workouts must challenge you.

Make mistakes and be vulnerable. That's how you learn.

Vulnerability is a superpower you can tap into and use to grow beyond all your imagination.

If you want to be successful, lean into discomfort.

And Remember ...

If you are local to Places Gym Hinckley, Leicestershire, get in touch to book personal training sessions.

I help people like you lose weight, look and feel younger, boost your self-confidence, improve your health and help you move past the idea of 'just getting older'.



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